Fail to plan – plan to fail

“Fail to plan – plan to fail”
One of the best quotes I have read. And it should be on the wall of every construction business!
I listed top challenges faced by the Small Construction Companies (only small?)
Do you agree? How many more can you add?:

1. Inadequate planning – have a clear view of your cash flow planning and manpower. How crucial it is to write those numbers down and prepare a map of what you plan to achieve?

2. Slow invoicing and payments (look at my previous videos) – That is a pain that comes from those contractors who pay late and retain the money for too long.

3. Lack of cash flow to pursue a project – how many construction companies Underestimate how much money they need to fund a project?

4. Skilled Labour shortage – in the construction industry we need people! We need specialists as no robot ever will get out there on the roof or replace a skilled, talented builder!

5. No Safety training – I found that many contractors do the minimum in order to get on site – basic CSCS cards. And I am glad that these requirements are there.

I focus on proper resource planning and give a few tips in my video 

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