Anglo-Polish Networking Conference in Manchester


On the 11th Of May 2017 we had the pleasure to take part in Anglo – Polish Networking Conference in Manchester organised by Asbiro together with Nat-West Bank and Federation for Small Business.

Respect for the values

The main topic was ”differences between Polish Culture and English Culture” and how to manage the differences to do business together. We are all people and what is most important we need to respect each other and our values.

The language is only the top of an ice berg. What is beneath is the culture that comes from our beliefs and traditions. As long as we act in a good faith and with a will to understand and compromise in some situations, we will be able to create a great teamwork and multi-cultural co-operation.

I enjoyed that evening. Mr. Wojciech Kolodziejczak who organised the event invited me to talk about how I started my business in the UK. It was great to see other people sharing their stories and hear about their struggles and victories. Hopefully we can have more such events to connect and work together.