We have been nominated to two Accounting Excellence Awards!

We want to share and announce that we have been shortlisted to win a prestigious Accounting Excellence Award in two categories:

Sole Practitioner Of the Year
Client Transformation Award!

I could not be more grateful to my amazing team!

When I look back and remember our struggles through Covid and my Accident! Anna was there going that extra mile to support the company.

Charlotte brought contribution and passion towards accountancy! Thank you for believing and bringing positive vibes!

Agnieszka joined our team a few months ago, but she is already engaging with a great attitude!

Thanks to our proactive approach, forward-thinking and engagement – we succeeded. We believed in implementing cloud transformation when many people didn’t even know it existed. Thanks to Xero and Futrli, we wowed our customers with visualization at board meetings.

Our approach is different – we meet our clients regularly and ensure that management information is delivered in real-time so that decisions can be made based on accurate and timely data.

I want to thank all my Clients, thanks to whom I have learned so much throughout my sixteen years in practice! You listened to our advice, but we listened too and did our best!

We are going to London on the 3rd of October for the final Ceremony and Winners announcement! Although we are already very proud of our nomination.

Wish us luck!