Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

We provide real-time information about your company’s financial position, cash flow, and profit with 24/7 access to management reports.

Prevail ensures that our clients have the best of both worlds – the best cloud-based technology and face-to-face consultancy to get to the heart of your business. We are proactive and innovative, hence offering the best service for our clients. Xero cloud solution enables you to access your account information anytime, from anywhere in the world using the cloud. It’s accurate, simple to use, and saves time on bookkeeping so you can focus on managing your business. Xero’s system has never been breached, and no data has ever been lost. Therefore cloud security gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your accounting information is safe and secure.

Why Choose Cloud Technology?  

For us, it was a no-brainer. We knew our existing clients would benefit from the Xero Accounting software with all the time-saving tools to grow their businesses.

Here are just a few of the amazing features of cloud accounting:


Take the work out of invoicing. You can get paid quickly to keep your cash flow healthy with instant online payments.  At the same time, you can e-mail the invoices automatically to your clients.

Bookkeeping made easy

Please take photos of your receipts as they happen, then attach them to your expense reports to have a complete record of all expenses at your fingertips.

We use a tool called DEXT, where you store all your bills in an electronic format.

You can also send the bills online by e-mail or upload them to the application directly.

Fast bank reconciliation gives you control over your money

Your latest banking, credit card, and PayPal transactions are imported automatically to update your cash flow daily. We can help you control the money coming in and out regularly by sending you regular management reports.

Project control in real-time

We specialize in the construction industry for the last sixteen years, and project control is crucial to keep the company growing. Real-time over costs will help you eliminate waste and make the projects more profitable.

Management and cash flow forecasting.

We provide monthly reports that will inform you about your profit, cash balance, profitability, and changes in your budget.

We offer visual reports which will lead you and allow you to compare your budget to actual data.

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