Brexit Uncertainty & The Future of UK Construction

Since the beginning of 2019,Brexit continued to loom large over the economic news agenda. Now,with uncertainty levels rising in the wake of Boris Johnson’s change of policy,what can the UK construction industry do to adapt?

According to Build magazine:
“Nobody knows how #Brexit will affect any industry once the deal has been finalised.However,it’s clear that material costs and the ease of employing the labour of EU nationals are the sector’s greatest concerns.”

Currently,around 5% of UK construction workers are EU nationals,while 62% of all building materials are imported from Europe.

3 ways to minimise these problems are to:

• Create more apprenticeship schemes to help bridge the skills gap and meet both future & current labour demand–otherwise,the gap will only continue to widen
• Introduce new technologies to help work smarter and reduce wastage/common errors
• Keep a detailed inventory of materials and try to replace,rather than repair where possible
• Make an effort to find the alternative local suppliers now in order to prevent costly hold-ups due to supply chain issues caused by a no-deal Brexit

Experts are warning companies not to wait until the last minute to come up with contingency plans!