Will you be a Super-Santa this year?

Will you be a Super-Santa this year and give one extra gift to a child?

Last year, we managed to help sixty children and made their dreams come true!

Let’s make it bigger this year! How about five hundred? Or a thousand children!

At this magical festive time, we shouldn’t forget those children who won’t have a gift this Christmas.
Their parents struggle to buy food, never mention a toy or a piece of clothing.

Let us make them believe that dreams do come true!

This initiative is for the poorest children in the UK.

Every child from the chosen low-income families will write a letter to Santa with a picture of what they want for Christmas.

With your help, we want to make more dreams come true this year.

You will receive a letter from a child in need and buy a gift drawn in the letter.

If you agree to participate, we will contact you with further details and instructions on the next steps.

Let us make this Christmas magical for the poorest children!

Email office@prevailaccountancy.co.uk and say ‘YES’ to be a Super Santa this year.