How Lean Principles can improve a construction project?

If you were to guess what approach produces the most profitable, effective, and forecastable results in a construction project – what would your answer be?

Our answer is The LEAN principles, developed by Toyota after the II World War.

I want to share how we used lean principles in a construction project.

1. We Identified value from the Customer’s point of view.

It wasn’t only important what we had to build but WHY. Excellent teamwork, advice, and support throughout the project met the
owner’s expectations.

2. We defined all the processes necessary to deliver the value.

Everything in a project is a process, and if it is not a process, it is random, and we have no control over it.

3. We Eliminated WASTE

Pull planning and scheduling minimized the waiting time – one of the main principles in lean construction.

4. We created a GANTT CHART and scheduled the construction project’s time and workflow. You cannot start building the house until the groundwork is completed.

5. Continues Improvement. We constantly evaluated the processes and found the area which needs improvement.

Can you share any advice on how to improve construction project management?

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Catherine Machalinski ACMA