Accurate and automate calculation of pay

Real people. Real stories: #PAYROLL ERRORS

The Problem
Lisa is the payroll manager at a #manufacturing company using an outdated system that requires manual calculations to track time worked. It’s extremely time consuming and frustrating for Lisa and her team. Not only is the process inefficient but it produces inaccurate time data and a high margin of error.

The Consequence

👉 Makes inaccurate payments – overpaying or underpaying employees
👉 The whole process is time consuming, costly and extremely inefficient
👉 Frustrating for Lisa as well as all those impacted by incorrect payments

The Solution
Lisa needs digital management that allows her to:

👉 Accurately collect time & automate calculation of pay
👉 Ensure employees are always paid accurately
👉 Automate any corrections that need to be made

With digital management tools, Lisa can reduce time processing payroll, track time more efficiently. It makes the whole process more efficient, while reducing overall costs and employee grievances.

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