Record time and be paid accurately

Real people. Real stories: DIVERSE #WORKFORCE

The Problem
Mat is a manager at a #construction company with many types of employees from hourly to salaried to contingent workers. Each type of employee has different requirements to record time worked & absences. They also have different pay premiums and pay rules across various jobs, work areas, and locations. Mat is frustrated because he wastes a lot of time trying to consolidate data to make sure his workforce is optimised and accurately paid.

The Consequence

👉 No global visibility to detect labour gaps
👉 Risk of inaccurate payments and overspending
👉 Risk of noncompliance with labour/union rules for hourly employees

The Solution
Mat needs digital management that allows him to:

👉 Configure differently based upon employee type (salaried, hourly, contingent)
👉 Record time and be paid accurately in compliance to labour/union rules
👉 Report on work hours that can include both contingent workers and employees

With digital workforce management, Mat does not need to manually keep track of the different rules across his staff.

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