How CITB Grant can help your business?


If you think of training your staff and being always on top of Construction Regulations and qualifications, the CITB Construction Industry Training Board may help you with innovations and learning strategy.

The CITB Grants Scheme provides funding for CITB-registered employers to train, upskill and qualify their staff.

This ensures that the right skills are available to help the construction industry grow and that proper standards of work are maintained on site.

If you are a construction business or employer based in Great Britain, you can access CITB’s funding and support services by registering with CITB.


Once your business is registered, you complete an annual Levy Return which enables you to claim grants for training and skills development.

You need to complete the Levy return in order to assess you Levy liability. The money funds the training within the Construction Industry.

CITB registered employers who have an annual wage bill of £80,000 or more need to pay a levy.

Businesess do not need to pay the levy if your annual wage bill is under £80,000.

Companies can claim grants for the employees they declare on the Levy Return who have done training.

For training completed from 1 August 2015 onwards, you can claim grants for:

The grants available for the year 2016/2017 include:

·  apprenticeships

· qualifying your workforce

· management, professional and technical training

· Training and development plan and short duration grants

· Grants to card your plant team

· Other Grants Scheme support

Please visit to get access to the complete list of available grants.

The time to claim for grants for the year 15/16 has already passed on 31st of October 2016, but you can claim for 2016/17 grants. That covers period from 01 08 2016 up till 31 07 2017. CITB must receive your grant claim form by 31 October 2017.

How much funding can you get?

The amount of funding available depends on the program and grant you want to claim.

For example:

You can claim for your employed apprentices following approved construction-related apprenticeship programmes of two years or more.

CITB will pay grant for attendance at college, the achievement of a VQ and an apprenticeship framework, up to a maximum of £6,000 for a two-year course or £10,250 for three years.

For more information please contact our office or e-mail at