Don’t let the FEAR stop you succeed in life!

There is a one kind of feeling inside each of us that stops us from achieving our goals and dreams – a feeling that can chain you, suppress you and stop you from being who you want to be.

The word I am talking about is FEAR. What is fear? FEAR stands for


Why are we afraid to reach for the dreams? Are they too unreal? Or maybe we are not in a position to achieve them?

Have you ever asked yourself a question: how big percentage of that dream is about the money? If you treat the money only as the financial outcome, you will realize that there is a passion, professionalism and focus behind the paper notes. There is hard work, your heart and people who help you to realize your goals. You are proud of what you create whether it is a product or a service or great business relationship. If it was just about money you’d better work as a money producer. Knowing that you can focus on the core of your dreams – To do things you are passionate about and which will make your life an unforgettable journey.

If you could work out the way to achieve your goal and be determined enough and focused, don’t you think you could do it? I will ask here another question for a reason: Would you be surprised if you did?

Sometimes we don’t even take under consideration that it would be possible to make our dream come truth till the point that if that would happen ‘’by luck’’ we wouldn’t believe it. Imagine you would take another plane by accident and land in Japan instead of New York thinking: wow, I always wanted to go to Japan but always thought it was impossible or it wasn’t the right time.

The truth is that it is the attitude, the determination and focus that keeps us driven and pushes us towards realizing our dreams.

Determination means being consequent and focused in your actions and decisions. It means you will not quit for any reason. You will not stop but will keep the hard work. Staying safe in your comfort zone is the easy option. You need to look beyond that safety horizon.

Exit Comfort Zone Push Yourself Change Dream Pyramid Steps

If you get bored it only means your dream wasn’t a real one but a temporary will. You need to know where you are going in life otherwise you will walk in circles. You will not check the London trains to prepare for the trip to Scotland will you? What stops us from achieving our dreams is very often lack of realising what they are.

I might want to climb Everest and possibly if I put that as my priority I would find the way and climb that mountain. But that is not my dream and if it was, I would never say I cannot achieve it.

We need to change the way of our thinking, prioritize our goals, set up the plan and act on it!

The fear whispers to our ears that we might be not good enough, not smart enough, not ready, and the list goes on and on. How different you are from other people and why it cannot be you who achieves the goal you dream of? Don’t compare yourself to others because everyone is unique and no one has the right to judge who we are.

In order to achieve our goals we need to do something we haven’t done before and there is only FEAR that stops us from doing it. Our brain creates a false excuse and we passively believe it.

How to overcome the fear? I tried to think of all the things I have done differently and how big impact it had on my life. And I must admit I have done things which no one else believed I could do.

The fact is – if you don’t believe in yourself – no one else will. Anything you want to achieve is inside you and you only need a focus and determination to reach for it.

I would like to share with you a mind-set you need to work on in order to overcome the FEAR of success:

  1. Find No excuses – Yes you can. Stop being afraid of organising your time in a way that will allow you to take action. A little sacrifice won’t hurt. Leave your comfort zone and …
  2. Don’t expect it will be easy. Probably it will be the toughest thing you have ever done. To overcome your fear it requires you to
  3. Take the risk. What do you have to lose? How much to gain! And obviously:
  4. Never forget that only you can live your life
  5. Don’t accept average habits you can easily overcome. Push your limits! It’s exciting
  6. Believe in yourself because no one else will
  7. Without determination and hard work there is no prize.
  8. Don’t hold on to the routines and life which don’t make you happy. Find people who inspire you and leave those who pull you down.
  9. Do you think that planning will take your precious time? Planning will save your time in a longer term and will allow you to see your future clearly.
  10. Visualise your goals! Write it down, paint it. See it. Feel it. The future is the unknown so we hold on to the past. Let us shape the future, live in a present moment and learn on past experiences.

Transform FEAR into action!

What do you think stops you from taking action?

Have you set up your goals for the coming year?

Catherine Machalinski