Enjoy what you do and stay inspired

Words of Inspiration: By Accountants, not only For Accountants

Contrary to popular belief, not all accountants are boring, dull or simply in it for the money. We too have our human side. Here some inspiring chartered accountants share some of their raison de’tres for doing what they do, and offer some advice to their junior compatriots.

  • Realise that you inadvertently influence your clients’ lives and finances. Your client is not just a number – they are a person who is just like your mother, father, spouse, and child.
  • Referrals come from striving to make a difference and adding value through what you do. Look for the ways you can genuinely help your clients — become their adviser, not just their number cruncher.
  • Enjoy your life, enjoy what you do and stay inspired because that positive attitude will rub off on your clients.
  • Aspire to keep growing and improving so that you can be the best accountant for her clients and take pride in their work. Keep up to speed on the latest regulatory rulings and how they will affect your clients.

What makes you get up in the morning?