Chartered accountant vs non certified accountant

Knowledge. Trust. Experience – there are values what you are looking for in services in terms of care about you & your family. And I understand it because I do this the same.

Preparing to climb Mount Elbrus – the highest peak in the Caucasus&in Europe, and one of the famous 7 Summits – I looked for an experienced guide with understanding about my abilities and reason why. It is the same situation in your business in regard to cooperation with a highly skilled accountant.

I am sure that you hear about a #CharteredAccountant. And what is a difference between this one and simply ‘an accountant’? Please watch this video with a little explanation:

Words “Chartered” before accountant signifies that the person is authorised by a special regulated body, having obtained desired professional qualifications and prescribed technical knowledge to act as one. Generally, a mere “accountant” would stand to mean a ‘bookkeeper’.

With a chartered specialist, you have a backup, a regulator to complain to if something will go wrong.

As the proverb said:“Listen to advice & accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.” Think. Do you feel safe? Do you feel covered by complex financial knowledge? Does your accountant advise you or just fill tables as you guide him/her?