Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

I have made it!

The energy is still there. For the last few months, I have been practising, preparing projects, re-doing my Green Belt, and preparing for my Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Training.

My decision was based on three main goals: to structure my work, implement more statistics to use data to make informed decisions, and help my customers succeed.
I want to implement more Lean Six Sigma Strategies in my business and for my customers.

The training started, and it started tough. I sometimes needed clarification and thought about what I would do differently for this course.

But after I went through Mocks and passed the final assessment, I looked at the situation again. This training comprises years of experience with new skills and knowledge, which opened my eyes. I passed a high-level driving test, but I am already a competent driver.

Bring it on, Life! More challenges and exciting days are coming.

I love learning; it brings many challenges and always changes many perspectives. What is your opinion on learning and development?