What is the ‘golden’ habit in your business?

You are a product of your training…

A dog that’s allowed to chase cars will chase cars. A child who is never given any boundaries will become spoiled. An investor without discipline is not an investor – he’s a gambler.

A mind that isn’t in control of itself, that doesn’t understand its power to regulate itself, will be jerked around by external events and unquestioned impulses. Believe me, as a chartered management accountant I see thousands of situations when business would almost collapse because of lack of any standards and reasonable policies applying day by day.

So you must be aware of that. You must put in place training and habits now to replace ignorance and ill-discipline. And #FinanceForecasting in your business is a really understandable area to start with it. Only then will you began to behave and act differently. Only then will you stop seeking the impossible, the short-sighted and the unnecessary. Only then will you act as a leader of your business.

I am curious, what would you suggest as a great habit/discipline to improve business performance?