5 Reasons You Need to Build a Personal Online Brand

Most professionals are familiar with the concept of company branding. However,it also applies to individuals. Whether you work for yourself or just want to climb the corporate career ladder,you still need to develop your personal brand.


PERSONAL USP: Developing a brand around your unique talents,skills or experience is essential if you want to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace

CREDIBILITY: Increasingly,people trust faces more than company logos.According to @Dorota Iwankiewicz, DM2 Agency:

“Life writes the best scripts!Personal branding allows you to establish a reputation while still maintaining a personal level of trust and interaction, via social media as well.”

NETWORKING: A smart,consistent social media presence helps you to widen your network–no stuck in an office all-day!

REACH: It can extend your influence well beyond the boundaries of geographic location=more potential opportunities

PRICES: A strong personal brand can also help you to justify charging premium rates for your product/services

You know my love for mountains.Reaching the Elbrus,I know that I’ve added a new piece to my business mission& values.And my clients will benefit from it.