Success Story: SK Render Service Ltd

SK Render Service is a rendering business in Stoke on Trent, serving both major commercial contracts and smaller domestic requirements.  SK Render Service founder Slawomir Kopernacki was using a system of spreadsheets to keep track of costs for VAT and tax purposes.

However, this system did not provide the visibility required to gain a clear insight of costs on a per-project business.  It was also placing a considerable administrative burden on Slawomir who had to keep and photocopy each receipt before posting it to his accountant.

Prevail took over the accounts and introduced a new paperless system for dealing with receipts and tracking spending.  These costs could then be allocated accurately on a per-project basis.  Combined with a new system for labour tracking to allocate time spent on jobs, Prevail’s changes have given SK Render Service a new insight into project cost and profitability.

Our services have delivered several important benefits for SK Render Service:

  • Reduced time spent on administration
  • A new view of spending and labour costs on a per-project basis
  • The validation of any per-hour payments made by main contractors
  • A new and clear insight into project profitability in real time
  • More accuracy when quoting for jobs
  • The ability to avoid loss-making projects
  • Improved profitability and growth

Read the full Case Study here Success Story: SK Render Service Ltd