I have been nominated as the Influencer in the Construction Sector for the Women in Construction Awards

– What is your job exactly?

– I am a Chartered Management Accountant specializing in the Construction Industry Sector, SME market.

– Ah, so you are an accountant?

– Well, if you put it that way: I help construction companies to succeed by translating the numbers into business language, helping in business process improvement, streamlining the processes, building budgets, having real-time control over every single construction project, advising on cost control, empowering in pushing the limits, never giving up, being flexible and always being proactive and looking forwards rather than backwards…. is that a definition of an accountant?

– hmm…

– Ah, I also help set up the targets and build business plans, which never land in the drawer but are working and changing documents. Can you imagine a puzzle game?

– Yes!

– My job is like a whole puzzle game. Every puzzle may seem to add little value, but when you put the puzzles together, you see the whole picture, and then every puzzle adds value because every puzzle is needed.

– How long have you been doing it?

– 18 years

– And you never get bored?

– Bored? My job never stood next to the letter B word! I watch companies achieving success; I witness companies’ struggles and victories; we work our best solutions and learn from mistakes. We always evolve and improve. Every day is different from the next. There is no place, no time for even mentioning the B word.

– Wow, Mum, that is awesome!

Today, after so many years of my work, I can tell my daughter:

I have been recognized for the job I have been doing. Keep going with your ideas, even if everyone may not believe in you.
Only your mind and your passion will lead you towards your goals 🎊❤️