Women in #Construction

Of the UK population, there is roughly a 50:50 split of men and women working. But WOMEN CURRENTLY ONLY MAKE UP AROUND 13% OF THE CONSTRUCTION WORKFORCE. Construction News reported last year that just 13.2% of the top 20 contractors’ 152 board members are women while only 5.4% of the 111 executive board members were women.

Moreover, WOMEN ARE STILL PAID A THIRD LESS (31%) THAN MEN AT THE 10 LARGEST UK CONTRACTORS! And it is interesting to know, that according to an ONS statistics, there are only 36,000 more women working in construction today than there were 20 years ago. The number of men working in the industry has increased by 324,000 over the same period!

What we found in CN research worthy to concern:
– women are struggling to break through the glass ceiling into middle management and senior positions
– most women in the industry are working in lower-paid roles, with the majority of men occupying more senior, higher-paid positions
It is a real call for successful businesswomen in the construction industry to inspire girls interested in STEM subjects, to be their role model. We are happy that our leader @Katarzyna Machalinski is a part of #InspireMeactivities.

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